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Acquisition of Aged Building for Site Amalgamation and Redevelopment

Owners of aged tenement buildings and industrial buildings are always facing the troubles and inconvenience of dilapidated buildings and repairing costs. In order to assist them to avoid the payment of expensive repairing costs, improving living environment and investment option, our Registered Professional Surveyors can evaluate the existing values and redevelopment potential of the buildings, and then join together the owners to jointly dispose of the buildings to developers with redevelopment value. The work includes:

  • Checking the site area and saleable areas of all units of the building
  • Evaluating the development potential
  • Evaluating the existing use value of all units and the sharing ratio of the development value
  • Introducing method of disposal such as private treaty, tender and auction
  • Attending owners meetings to answer questions of redevelopment
  • Introducing developers to acquire all units of the building