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Tender is one of the sales method which has the following characteristics:

  • Upon the vendor's agreement, we can proceed tendering under which all potential purchasers together with their offered prices can be identified.
  • There is no asking price from a vendor required. The potential purchasers will make offers and flexibility can be maintained.
  • Normally, the potential purchasers will provide offer letter together with casher order as deposit. Besides, there is restriction of canceling the offer unless 7 days lapses so that the vendor can have enough time for consideration. It can
  • limit the time risk of the vendor.
  • Before the acceptance of the offer letter, the vendor has no commitment to sell the properties.
  • Most suitable to arouse interest of potential purchasers to bid for properties with special characters or high value.
  • Most suitable for properties requiring to sale in a specific period of time or in open atmosphere. This method of sale can reduce the risk of legal disputes.
  • Under the presence of many potential purchasers, bidding price will tend to be pushed up to the highest.