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Compensation Claims Under Urban Renewal Ordinance

The Government from time to time may acquire private land and buildings for public purposes by ordinances such as Government Land Resumption Ordinance. Under such legislations the rights and interests of landowners and occupiers may be affected. We give advices and prepare claims for both statutory and ex-gratia compensation on behalf of affected landowners and occupiers. We also act on behalf of clients in negotiation with the government departments concerned and attend Lands Tribunal if required.

Besides, Urban Renewal Authority (URA) may cite ‘Urban Renewal Ordinance' to acquire private lands and buildings for redevelopment purpose from time to time. Under such redevelopment schemes, a compensation based on market value of the affected property under vacant possession status plus allowance would be offered to affected landowners and occupiers. The affected parties may employ the service of a Registered Professional Surveyor to assess the market value of the affected property and to negotiate with the URA on the offer to purchase. URA will reimburse the professional fee to the affected owners provided agreement for sale is reached within the offer period and the sale and purchase of the property are eventually completed. Our Registered Professional Surveyors will undergo the valuation and negotiation with URA on behalf of the affected owners.