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Integrated Asset Management Service

One of the professional services of Citiland Surveyors Limited is to provide integrated asset management services to the property portfolio of both local and overseas landlords and investors. With our professional services, property owners can be released from the troublesome from dealing with routine matters of the properties and can concentrate on their more valuable core business.

Our asset management service includes:

1. Professional Services

  • Verbal enquiry on property related matters
  • Valuation reports for accounting and auditing
  • Stamp Duty objection and appeal
  • Rating assessment appeal
  • Compensation claim under Land Resumption Ordinance
  • Dealing with Urban Renewal Authority acquisition
  • Dealing with developer acquisition

2. Lease Management

  • Receive monthly rental from tenants
  • Fill in relevant statutory forms as required by Government
  • Sign tenancy agreement on behalf of tenant or landlord
  • Execution the lease terms
  • Payment of rates and property tax
  • Chase arrear of rental, management fee etc.
  • Dealing with rental dispute
  • Dealing with civil litigation
  • Supervision of repair and maintenance
  • Leasing agent

3. Investment Consultancy

  • Professional advice on market value and market rental value of investment properties
  • Advice on method of disposal and purchase
  • Advice on acquisition of aged buildings for redevelopment
  • Advice on redevelopment consultancy

We have different service packages for different requirement of investors, or tailor-made for specific requirements. Please contact us for details.