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Investment Consultancy of Whole Block Building and Development Site

Most investments are made under fluctuating market. It is not possible to predict with accuracy what the levels of return will be. With a team of chartered surveyors and professional consultants having keen insight into the prevailing political and economic conditions, government policies and social influences, we are able to provide our clients with strategic advices on selected properties in comparison with other investment vehicles for decision making of projects on investment, development or redevelopment.

We also provide precise figures and professional analysis on selected investment projects. We would assist our clients to make in-depth analysis and comprehensive risk assessment before decision making, ensuring the investment is well thought and rational so as to minimize risk and uncertainty meanwhile to maximize the level of return.

We are specialize in the sale and purchase of single-titled sites and buildings of various sizes and ages. Benefited from our comprehensive data bases, we can accurately provide the most up-to-date market information and professional opinion in respect of the present and projected market values to investors and clients for decision making.

Our professional consultants also provides quality advice and services on residential, commercial, retail, industrial and hotel properties with relevant matters including:

  • Introduction of suitable properties which cope with client's specific requirements.
  • Advice and give analysis to client on the most updated market price or level of rental and market transactions.
  • Handling all negotiations in acquisition, leasing or disposal on behalf of clients on the most favourable terms.
  • Liaison with solicitors in preparation of sale and purchase agreement or tenancy documentation.
In addition to the above services, we always make recommendations based on comparable rentals derived from market research for lease renewal purposes and to undertake negotiations on behalf of clients. Other services include collection of rentals, rental and cash flow projections, credit control, maximization of lettable areas, and preparation of lease documentation.