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Surveying & Valuation

Professional surveying and valuation demand comprehensive knowledge and in-depth expertise on the property market, economy and public policies. Our Chartered Surveyors and Registered Professional Surveyors with extensive experience in a wide range of professional services and supported by professional staff, can provide the following comprehensive range of professional services :

Different Types of Property Valuation

Property valuation is required for different purposes such as statutory asset, mortgage, litigation, immigration or insurance. Special team will be set up to handle any unusual valuation assignments. Our Registered Professional Surveyors also provide asset valuation services for companies applying for public listing.

IPO and REITs Listing and Public Announcement Advisory

For a new listing of securities in main board or Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) on Hong Kong Stock Exchange (SEHK), except sponsors, accountants, legal advisers, underwriters/placing agents and depositaries, surveyors and valuers have their unique and important role and involved in the process of a listing exercise. Surveyors and valuers are required to be appointed to attribute a credible value to a new applicant's properties prior to a listing. Besides, they may also be appointed to prepare valuation on other assets of the company.

For Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and other listed companies, our experienced Chartered Surveyors and Registered Professional Surveyors can perform tangible assets valuations, such as property valuation, manufacturing, logistics, car components, plant and machinery equipment, property development and intangible assets valuation including brand name, equity securities, convertible bonds, debt securities and equity warrants, plus valuation-related advisory services.

Assessment of Premium for Flat Sale of Housing Society / Housing Authority

At the end of 80s', the Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) started to develop “Flat-for-Sale Scheme” and “Sandwich Class Housing Scheme”. The completed flat units are sold to the tenants in public housing estates and others who are eligible for applying for “Home Ownership Scheme” (HOS) at a discount rate. The Housing Authority (HA) formally established the “HOS Secondary Market Scheme” (HOSSMS) in June 1997. It enables public housing tenants and ‘Green Form Certificate' holders to purchase flats sold under HOS / “Private Sector Participation Scheme” (PSPS) / “Tenants Purchase Scheme” (TPS) (hereinafter collectively referred to as HOS flats) with the date of first assignment from the third years onwards. Alienation of Restriction, which is similar to those of HOS flat units, exists on assignments of these types of flats. The owners of such flats should first settle the premium payment to the Housing Society in order to sell their flats in the open market. Our Registered Professional Surveyors provide premium assessment services for the owners applying for sale in open market.

Non-statutory Negotiation with the Government

We provide consultation services on land lease matters such as acting on behalf of clients in the negotiation process with the Government on land exchanges, surrender and lease re-grants, private treaty grants, lease modification including dispute on premium, short term tenancies, permits, waiver applications, etc.

Lease Renewal and Rent Review

We can provide consultation services on landlord and tenant matters, negotiating on behalf of either landlord or tenant and reaching agreement prior to an arbitration or reference to an independent valuer. We also appear at the Lands Tribunal or in the Law Court as an expert witness.

Plant and Machinery Equipment Valuation

In addition to rendering professional valuation of landed properties for various purposes, we specialize in providing valuation of plant and machinery for accounting, auction, mortgage and financing purposes in both Hong Kong and the Mainland. We have valued of a great variety of plants and machinery range from printing machines, medical equipment, game machines, weaving machines and construction plants in the past. Our clients are mainly financial institutions, local business and industrial operators having genuine financial needs occasionally. Hence, our service is tailored to their specific needs.

Business Valuation

Our surveying and valuation expertise extends beyond property to embrace complex business and intangible asset valuation and advice. We provide various types of professional valuation services, including financial instruments such as share options, convertible bonds and preferred shares, intellectual properties like trademark, patent, design and technology, valuation of infrastructure, purchase price allocation, as well as transfer pricing valuation.